Visual Equipment

We use the best Makes in the field with a variation of LCD, DLP and Full HD Projection alternatives. We provide display services of 16:9 and 4x3 format with Fiber optic transmitter –receivers and cables by distributing the images with the least loss possible.

Audio Equipment

Teknik – S provides the required infrastructure services to prevent the acoustic problems, noise pollution and echo problems in both outdoor and indoor area organizations. During the important organizations such as conventions where technical information is exchanged, we work with utmost care for the audience not to miss any detail throughout the organization.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

We provide the audience with high quality sound transmission both in- door and out- door areas with the simultaneous interpretation system formed of BOSCH Integrus DCN transmitter and controlling units. The interpretation systems are appropriate to the international standards and have the capacity to translate from 1 channel to 32 channels.

Lighting & Truss Equipment

If you want to transform the conferences, conventions, gala nigths and launches into a big party, Teknik–s determines the truss systems, smart motorized lights, effects, lazers, etc. together with you and implements them.

Our Service Sphere

  • Projectors, multivision curtains, computers and technical facilities for congress organizations
  • OHPs and slide projectors for press conferences
  • Interpretation systems,headphones and other equipments for presentations
  • Sound systems for conferences (collar and hand radios, microphones for delegates etc.)
  • Plasmas, video screens and leds for fairs and exhibitions
  • Professional sound, light and laser prformances for celebrations
  • Live music systems for concerts, fashion shows, wedding ceremonies and parties
  • Providing robot effects, fog machines and gobo for product presentations
  • Cameramen, VHS cameras, Dvcams and betacams for professinal filming
  • Transmitting pictures and sound from a city to another one worldwidely with uplink and link systems for international satelite symposiums
  • Keypads and technicians for interactive voting systems